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How Do I Know What Scan Tool I Need?

We know how difficult it can be to find the right tool for your needs. To determine which shop floor scanning tool is best for you, check out the Autel scanner product range. Here, we will break down some of the uses of Autel scanner tools to help you find the tool you need.

The most widespread use of scanners is to read and clear engine codes, and code reading tools are only the most basic functions of scanners. You will also come into contact with OE-level diagnostic scanners, vehicle key programming tools, and scanners with TPMS services. tool.

Check out this guide to find the best vehicle scanner.

Is your scanner for home or professional use?

The usability value of a scanner is also reflected in the usage scenario. Is your scanner used at home or in the garage? For home use or garage use, the scanner's vehicle coverage, OBD II automotive system diagnostics are important considerations.

Autel MK808BT Pro - entry-level professional diagnostic scan tool

LAUNCH X-431 Pro SE - Very popular bi-directional scan tool offering OEM-grade diagnostics at a great price

AUTEL MAXISYS MS909 Bidirectional Scan Tool - The most popular professional scan tool covering a wide range of vehicles, with a wide range of features and extremely fast operation.

Topdon Pheonix Smart Intelligent Diagnostic Scan Tool - High-end professional scan tool at a very competitive price

Is your vehicle OBD II compliant?

For vehicles after 1996, most adopt the OBD II vehicle interface standard protocol. Therefore, mechanics, home users or small car dealers who need basic tools can choose a small handheld code reader to also display OBD2 fault diagnosis.

In vehicle systems that do not support the OBD II standard protocol, they use the OBD1 system. There are fewer scanners in this category and the diagnosis is not comprehensive.

What are your most commonly used scanner features?

The connection method of the scanner can be divided into wired connection and Bluetooth VCI connection. The connection method will not change the usability of scanner diagnosis. Autel scanner tablet tools often include active testing/two-way control, full system diagnostics, multiple service functions, superior hardware configuration, and long-lasting large-capacity storage.

Autel AL519 - Handheld scanner for reading and clearing engine fault codes, a basic and cost-effective option.

Autel TS508WF - Handheld scanner tool with full TPMS service protocol with WIFI support for quick activation of programmed Autel MX-Sensor sensors.

Autel MP900BT - advanced car bluetooth diagnostic scanner, providing professional excellent scanning diagnostic service for car enthusiasts, DIY enthusiasts, small repair shop customers.

Autel IM508S - automotive key programming tool comes with the XP200 key programmer, integrating key programming and vehicle diagnostics, with 30+ services.

Autel Ultra - Autel’s most ambitious diagnostics tablet designed to maximize technician intelligence. Autel Ultra scanner has the largest screen size and can perform intelligent diagnosis and topology diagnosis, perform ECU coding and ECU programming for BMW/Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

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