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Why does My Autel IM608 Scanner Fail To Access The BMW Bosch ISN?

Autel IM608 is a professional car key programmer scanner. What should I do when you want to perform IMMO and key programming functions on Mercedes-Benz and BMW vehicles but it fails?

Mercedes-Benz and BMW vehicles are high-end vehicles. If you want the Autel IM608 scanner to perform the IMMO function, you also need a tool, the Autel G-box.

If you need DAS3 CAN EIS/EZS for your Mercedes-Benz vehicle when all keys are lost, G-Box2 is not for you, you need G-Box3.

Autel IM608+G-Box2 reads 2012 BMW X5 CAS 3++ ISTAP DME

The picture shows that the ISN cannot be read. This is not a problem with the IM608 scanner. In fact, you need to purchase a GBOX3 adapter.

Autel IM608 for BMW Bosch ISN
Autel IM608 for BMW Bosch ISN

Other solutions: Autel IM608 + G-Box2 + Godiag junction box reads the ISN of BMW Bosch DME and uses 12V power supply. Try starting again, which is relatively complicated.

It’s time to upgrade your G-BOX2 to G-BOX3!

Autel G-BOX3 is designed for use in Mercedes-Benz vehicles equipped with DAS3 CAN EIS/EZS in AKL. It helps save over 85% of the time reading ECU data from W204 and W207 EIS.


  • G-BOX2 makes all Mercedes keys lost faster, GBOX-3 makes it 4x/8x faster
  • GBOX-3 provides faster and more secure reading and writing of Bosch EDC17, MEx17, MD1 and MG1 ECUs and supports vehicles.

Autel GBox G-BOX3 Acessory Tool Benz & BMW Adapter GBox3 Mercedes Benz All Key Lost Tool Used with MaxiIM IM608S II / IM608 PRO II / IM608 PRO / IM608 / IM508S / IM508

Autel G-Box3
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