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How To Choose An Automotive Oscilloscope?

What is an automotive diagnostic oscilloscope?

An automotive diagnostic oscilloscope is an essential tool for troubleshooting sensors, solenoids, actuators, primary and secondary ignitions, communications data streams, and more. Specialized automotive oscilloscopes are also known as automotive laboratory oscilloscopes, engine analyzers or motor-testers.

An automotive oscilloscope is an electronic testing device that helps in displaying different voltages and testing different electrical components. An oscilloscope is an electronic test instrument that displays different signal voltages. An automotive oscilloscope is an essential tool for troubleshooting the many electronic components under the hood.

Benefits of using an automotive oscilloscope

  • Diagnose charging or starting problems
  • Identify mechanical issues (timing belt slipping, compression testing)
  • Test individual components before replacing them
  • Automotive oscilloscopes help eliminate guesswork and provide faster, more effective diagnosis when it comes to what's going on under the hood.

Types of automotive oscilloscopes

Automotive oscilloscopes are divided into PC oscilloscopes and handheld oscilloscopes. Handheld oscilloscopes are easy to set up and are more suitable for on-site use. PC oscilloscopes have larger screens, often allowing you to save more measurement data on the PC hard drive.

Key Features of Automotive Oscilloscopes

User Interface: The oscilloscope's interface allows editing and adding new inputs.

Input Probes:  A range of input probes and accessories are available to help extend the measurement range of your oscilloscope. The input range can be extended so that higher voltage measurements can be performed.

Bandwidth: Bandwidth specifies the highest electrical signal that an oscilloscope can display. Bandwidth should match the task being performed.

Channels: Different numbers of channels can be displayed on the oscilloscope - from 1 to 10. The number of channels used depends on the test being performed. Only one is needed to provide a quick assessment, while multiple screens will help to view different outputs and inputs simultaneously.

Size/Mobility: Oscilloscopes are available in different shapes and sizes. There are handheld oscilloscopes and there are large oscilloscopes that can be connected to a laptop or PC.

Autel Oscilloscope MP408 For Sale

Autel MaxiScope MP408  Electrical Signals 4 Channel Automotive Oscilloscope with diagnostic tool

Autel MP408 is a PC based 4-channel automotive oscilloscope. It works in combination with your PC or MaxiSys Tablet, which turns into a powerful diagnostic tool, providing you an insight to the inner workings of a vehicle’s electronic circuits. 

Autel Oscilloscope Applicable Scanner Instructions


MP408 Applicability

MS906S Yes
MS906TS Yes
MS906BT Yes
MK906BT Yes
MS906 Pro Yes
MS906 Pro-TS Yes
MS908 Yes
MS908 Pro Yes
MS908S Yes
MS908S Pro Yes
MS908S II Yes
MS908S Pro II Yes
MK908 Yes
MK908P Yes
MK908 II  Yes
MK908 Pro II Yes
Elite Yes
Elite II Yes

Description: Autel MS919, Ultra is equipped with VCMI, which integrates oscilloscope, signal generator, multimeter, and signal checking functions. There is no need to configure an oscilloscope separately.

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