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What is the Autel Remote Expert?

Developed by Autel, Autel Remote Expert is a cloud-based solution that provides technicians with module programming needs a connection to on-site, pre-qualified remote experts.

With supported MaxiSYS tablets, technicians can now connect with experts ready to complete their programming needs.

Advantages of remote expert services

Autel Remote Expert
  • Scan and diagnose vehicles remotely
  • Contact experienced experts for your remote programming needs
  • Communicate with experts through integrated instant messaging and voice
  • Process payments for services through our secure payment platform

Why do you need Autel remote experts?

Intelligent remote interface

Easily connect with trusted experts directly through MaxiSYS MS909, MS919 or Ultra tools. Automated vehicle information entry streamlines the order creation and approval process. Monitor vehicle vital signs while programming.

Wide coverage

Supports the most popular makes and models including General Motors, Mercedes, BMW and Chrysler…

Connect your technicians with our brand-specific programming experts. Our cloud-based applications ensure fast, reliable service.

How do I get started using Remote Expert?

1. Make sure you have diagnostic tools available

2. Make sure you have a valid Autel subscription

3. Update your diagnostic tool tablet to the latest version

4. Click the Remote Expert icon on the main menu on the diagnostic tablet to instantly connect to a remote expert.

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