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How to use Autel MaxiSys Multitasking MaxiFix On MS908?

You can run multiple applications on your Maxisys diagnostic system by clicking the multitasking button on the right side of the screen to open the multitasking menu. Now that you can freely switch between these apps, let's get started.

a. Start the Maxisys system

b. Click the "Diagnosis" button

C. Access the vehicle OBD diagnostic menu

d. Select "Auto Scan" to conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of all systems

e. You can view all DTC and freeze frame records. If you need to check references, the Maxisys database is ready for you, just click the multitasking button to open the multitasking menu.

About MaxiFix:

Select MaxiFix to continue. Detailed reference information and possible root causes can be found by following the menu navigation and locating the vehicle entry DTC by selecting a specific Year-Make-Model.

Autel MaxiSys Multitasking MaxiFix
Autel MaxiSys Multitasking MaxiFix

About data flow:

Tap the multitasking button and switch back to the Diagnostics app. Exit the diagnostics section and access the data flow. You can save the page for later viewing at any time during this process, just click the "Save" button and select "Save this page", then fill in the "File Name", "File Information" and click "Save" .

About Data Manager:

Click the multitasking button and open the job menu, select "Data Manager" and click on a specific section to view the information stored in an image, PDF, freeze or data record. Regarding data logging, by using data logging, you can submit a report at any time when you encounter diagnostic problems, just click the "pencil" icon in the upper right corner of the menu to create a new data record, write the title and the reason for sending. All submitted user requests will be handled by Autel technical support 24 hours a day through the Support platform.

Autel MaxiSys Multitasking MaxiFix

About support features:

Click the multitasking button to open the jobs menu again

Select the "Support" platform to log in. You can read our technical support feedback and chat directly with Autel support.

Autel MaxiSys Multitasking MaxiFix
Autel MaxiSys Multitasking MaxiFix
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