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Troubleshooting Autel XP400 PRO Communication Errors

The Autel XP400 Pro programmer is an important accessory for Autel IM508, IM608, IM608 Pro and other key programming tools. With the help of the Autel XP400 Pro programmer, professional auto mechanics can perform automotive IMMO related work.

What should I do when a communication error occurs with Autel XP400 Pro?

Here we will analyze and explain the reasons for the communication errors of the Autel XP400 Pro programmer.

Vehicle link error

1. Verify that the XP400 Pro is authorized for diagnostics.

2. Verify that the internet connection is strong and stable

3. Confirm that the power LED on the XP400 Pro is solid green

Computer communication error

1. Confirm that the power LED on the XP400 Pro is solid green

2. Make sure there is no firewall software blocking communication on the PC and that the USB port is working properly

3. Make sure the USB communication status LED flashes green

If the above steps do not resolve the communication error, please contact technical support.

The Autel XP400 Pro programmer is compatible with key programming diagnostic tablets or computers with key programming software installed, and can quickly and accurately read and write transponder data. The Autel XP400 Pro Programmer helps automotive technicians program vehicle keys, duplicate keys and more.

Autel XP400 Pro is usually used together with the IMKPA key programming adapter kit, which is compatible with 12 adapter chips and can be used for key learning and unlocking of high-end vehicles Volkswagen/Audi/BMW/Mercedes-Benz.

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