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What Should I Do When My Scanner Says It Is Out Of Memory?

As the Autel scanner is used longer and longer, the storage space of the Autel scanner becomes insufficient and the running software becomes difficult to load, we should clean up our storage memory.

How do I upgrade my scanner's memory?

Two ways, clear space or insert a memory card. Clear the scanner's storage space or insert a large-capacity SD card such as a 128G memory card to speed up the diagnostic tool.

How to clear Autel scanner space?

1. Clear music, pictures and other content to increase memory

2. Delete useless car software, etc.

3. Factory reset the device

4. Add a new SD memory card (generally supports 16G-128G external TF Card)

If you own an early Autel scanner with 32 GB of memory, the storage memory at this time is no longer sufficient to support the good operation of the device. You should try to clean unnecessary files.

Enter the data manager, decide the application that needs to be uninstalled, and uninstall it. Auto software that is not commonly used can be transferred to an external SD card. For deleted software, you can download it again as needed at any time, as long as it is within the subscription period.

Before adding a new SD card to the Autel scanner, you need to format it to FAT32 on your laptop and then insert it into the card slot for use. It should be noted that before inserting the SD card, you need to confirm that the Autel scanner you purchased supports the maximum external storage of the SD card, in case the Autel scanner cannot read the SD card.

Video Guide: Dealing with Low Memory on Autel Scanner / Can't Download Updates / No Updates Storage Full

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