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What is Autel AccuFIX?

AccuFix is a diagnostic and repair database designed by Autel technicians to provide fast, free, and convenient access to diagnostic and repair solutions to enhance technician users' understanding and learning of Autel scan tool repairs.

How to repair database using Autel AccuFIX?

Autel Accufix provides valuable repair information directly on your tool. Technicians can publish, share and view a growing database of repair cases, quickly obtaining the most informative and valuable cases for reference.

The Autel Accufix database requires visiting or clicking the accufix icon on the Autel Maxisys tablet to create a free account. Autel Accufix is supported only with the Autel ms909, Autel ms919 and maxisys ultra scan tools.

Once you create an account, you can view our growing library of repairs and submit your first case today.

Autel AccuFIX

How to register and publish your first case?

First you need to create a free account at or on your tablet. On the Autel maxisys tablet you will enter the application by selecting the maxisys icon then you will select your Maxidata icon, select Accufix and then register complete your basic information and then select email or phone to get your activation code. After the activation code is entered on your registration page, the entire registration is complete.

Autel Accufix database

Entering the Autel Accufix database, you can see a variety of user cases based on different reasons, and you can quickly search to find what you need.

Click the plus sign Publish button at the bottom and select Repair Tips or Featured Stories, both of which will take you to a form that guides you through the steps.

The role of Autel AccuFIX in repairing the database

Autel AccuFIX provides technicians with a variety of functional cases and repair tips, which is an opportunity for technicians to share time-saving tips, repair techniques and diagnostic results such as waveforms or quick repair steps.

Autel AccuFIX repairing database

As you navigate through the table, you can complete diagnostic and repair steps with additional text, and you can add relevant images, videos, and the part being replaced or the part number.

We encourage you to visit often to see how strong this community is and visit us at to discover what you want.

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