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Autel Smart Controller Introduction

The Autel smart controller can be used in the EVO II series to improve the flying experience of every Autel drone user in flying the Autel EVO II series aircraft. Autel Smart Controller is a powerful smart remote control with a 7.9-inch display, supports third-party software downloads, and is a good assistant for flying drones.

Autel smart controller currently has two versions, Autel smart controller v2 and Autel smart controller v3, the v2 version of the Autel smart controller is not compatible with the v3 version of the evo 2 drone, this article discusses the Autel smart controller v2.

Features of Autel Smart Controller

Autel Smart Controller

7.9" 2000-nit ultra-bright screen with anti-glare coating

The Autel Smart Controller features a bright 7.9-inch touchscreen with a built-in display that is four times brighter than a conventional smartphone screen, enabling clear, clear images to be viewed in daylight regardless of weather or environment.

4.5 hours of battery life (3 hours at maximum brightness)

Autel Smart RC 7.9"

The lithium-ion battery of the smart controller has a capacity of 5800mAh, can be used continuously for 4.5 hours at 50% screen brightness, and supports 2-hour fast charging, which can work for a long time in the field.

128GB of internal memory

The Autel Smart Controller has ample internal storage providing enough space for media and flight logs, no external storage required.

8 miles of HD 1080p image transmission

The latest iteration of Autel Robotics' patented image transmission technology, enabling full HD video transmission up to 8.08 miles away with low latency. Supports dual-band and automatic frequency switching to ensure signal stability in high-interference environments.

Autel Smart Controller Overview

Customized Android OS

One of the greatest advantages of the Autel smart controller is that it runs on a customized Android system and supports the extra flexibility of third-party system workflow, allowing users to download additional third-party applications and create their own exclusive operating system.

Samsung 8-core processor

The smart controller adopts Samsung Exynos 895 8-core processor, which can play 4K/60fps H.265 and H.265 videos smoothly.

Multi-port output

Autel Smart Controller Multi-port Out-put

HDMI, USB-A and USB-C ports allow for live streaming with optional 4G/5G network modules. The SMA connector allows the antenna to be disassembled and replaced or upgraded with an SMA-compatible third-party device.

Work in harsh environment

The Autel smart controller has a built-in large radiator, which can work in a wider temperature range. Even in extreme environments, the remote control and image transmission of the drone will remain stable and reliable, and the remote control body will not overheat or Freezing phenomenon.

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