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Can the Autel Scanner be used for Mileage Correction?

The vehicle odometer correction scanner is a tool used to read and modify the mileage data in the vehicle odometer. It is usually a plug-in device that connects to the vehicle's OBD-II port or a specific diagnostic port.

For Autel tablet scanners and handheld code readers, they can all be connected to the OBD II interface, supporting OBD 2 diagnostics for vehicles updated in 1996 and later, as well as more vehicle ECU information reading, and DTC fault code erasure wait.

What mileage features does the Autel scanner support?

Read mileage data

Read mileage data

The Autel tablet scanner can actually read the mileage stored in the ECU instead of the mileage displayed on the instrument panel. This function is called "Check PCM odometer". Whether the Autel tablet scanner can read the ECU stored mileage depends on the vehicle model and whether the protocol is supported.

Write new mileage

After the car replaces the ECU instrument panel, it supports learning the old mileage information and writing the new odometer. This function is called "Gauge Control Module Replacement" and is not supported on second-hand vehicles and modules. If you want the Autel tablet scanner to write new mileage information smoothly, please consider the MK906BT scanner and scanner tools with above specifications.

Service mileage reset to zero

Here, we want to make a point. The difference between car maintenance service mileage and car mileage driven.

Car service mileage usually refers to the number of miles recommended by the car manufacturer or repair service provider between scheduled maintenance. For example, the manufacturer may recommend maintenance every 5,000 kilometers or every 6 months.

Car driving mileage refers to the actual mileage traveled by the vehicle, that is, the mileage accumulated during the use of the vehicle. This is recorded through a device such as the vehicle's odometer or vehicle tachograph.

Autel tablet scanner DS808 has the function of supporting mileage reset for car maintenance services.

Modify mileage data

It is illegal and non-compliant for scanners to modify mileage data stored in a vehicle's odometer. Autel scanner cannot support modifying mileage data. Unauthorized changes to vehicle mileage data will conceal the actual wear, maintenance needs and remaining life of the vehicle, thereby causing safety hazards.

At the same time, some car companies prohibit this completely. For example, GM cars do not support mileage modification.

Check whether the mileage data has been modified

The scanner can read the current mileage data in the vehicle odometer, which is the mileage information stored in the ECU data, but cannot check whether the odometer has been modified.


Vehicle mileage correction data needs to be performed by professionals and ensure legal compliance. If you have a problem with your vehicle's odometer or need accurate mileage recording, please report the problem with your vehicle to us for assistance.

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