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Automotive Security Gateway Locations and Autel Scanner Service Instructions

As one of the key components of the vehicle electronic system, the security gateway module is responsible for monitoring communications between various vehicle subsystems and ensuring data integrity and security. It protects against malicious attacks and unauthorized access, providing an additional layer of security.

Most typically 2018 and newer Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and RAM vehicles are built with a component called a security gateway. This protects your vehicle's computer from hackers over cellular networks.

In addition, Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Volkswagen all have their own security gateway modules.

Autel scanners are certified by FCA to access the SGW module and can successfully access the security gateway module on 2017 and newer FCA vehicles.

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FCA common SGW location:

  • behind the vehicle’s OBDII port
  • behind the vehicle’s instrument cluster
  • behind the vehicle’s radio
  • behind the vehicle’s glovebox

Common SGW Bypass Converters:

  • Autel FCA 12+8 SGW adapter
  • OBDSTAR 12+8 Adapter
  • Xhorse 12+8 adapter
  • Star Connector
  • ADC2011 cable

Star or 12+8 connector location

Make Model Year Gateway Location
300 Star
Trunk, behind seat (Next to spare tire), or under glove box.
Pacifica Star
Top right corner in back of glove box
Challenger 18+ Star
Trunk, behind seat, under glove box.
18+ Star
Trunk, behind seat, under glove box.
19+ 12+8
Under the steering wheel. Drop knee plate See Pic #3
Durango 18+ Dashboard Cluster adapter
STAR Pass side trans hump under carpet
Gr. Caravan 19+
Journey 18+ Dashboard
Ram 18+ Star
Above OBDII port
Promaster 19+ 12+8
behind glove box (Jamie Skinner)
Promaster City 18+ 12+8
drivers side, left side of steering column (Jamie Skinner)
500 19+ Cluster
Dashboard, special cable
Cherokee Prox 19+ Star
Under/behind Glove box (or PIC #2)
Cherokee Fobik 19+ Star
Under/behind Glove box
Gr. Cherokee 18+ Dashboard Cluster adapter
STAR Pass side trans hump under carpet
Compass 19+ Cluster
Dashboard, special cable (or PIC #2)
Renegade Blade
Renegade Prox 18+ Cluster or PIC #2
Dashboard, special cable
Wrangler JK 18+ STAR behind glove box (Jamie Skinner)
12+8 is Above OBDII PIC #1
Wrangler Gladiator 19+ STAR behind glove box (Jamie Skinner)
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