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Autel Scanner Tools for BMW Battery Registration

It is important to regularly check the performance of the car battery. Once a new battery is replaced, the battery control module must be re-registered and written to the car, so as not to affect the performance of the car and ensure normal driving of the car. Otherwise, the car ECU instrument panel will always A fault code is displayed.

Here, we will use the Autel MaxiSys MS919 scanning tool to register the BMW 3 Series E90 2011 battery as an example to explain the steps of writing the battery of the Autel scanner.

Choose “Diagnostics”.

Diagnostics icon

Choose “BMW”.

BMW Icon

Automatic select…

Automatic select icon

Enter VIN manually or tap “Read” to acquire VIN.

Enter VIN manually or tap “Read” to acquire VIN

Confirm vehicle profile ( BMW 3 series E90 2011), tap “Model”.

Confirm vehicle profile
Confirm vehicle model



The “Body”.

Body icon

Power supply.

Power Supply

Choose “Battery”.

Battery icon

Register battery change.

Register battery change

Register battery replacement.

Register battery replacement

Choose “2. Register battery replacement”.

Register battery replacement

Choose NO.1 “Enter battery replacement: Sam capacity”.

Enter battery replacement: Sam capacity

Tap “No”.

Install original BMW content

Battery change is entered in engine electronics (DME or DDE), please wait!

Battery change

The battery replacement was successfully entered in the DME / DDE.

battery replacement was successfully

Press “Continue”, we can now “End service function”.

End service function


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