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How To Store Your Car Outside During Winter?

Winter is coming, how do you keep your car safe in the winter outdoors? Here, we’ll provide some tips for keeping your car safe from intruders when stored outside during the winter.

Storing a car outdoors during the winter requires finding a suitable space to store the vehicle, clearing away snow and ice regularly, using a carport or car cover, regularly checking the condition of the vehicle, and more. If the car is not used for a long time, it is recommended to remove the car wheels and car battery.

Fill up your car's gas tank

First job, fill the tank; this prevents condensation from forming, which can cause poor operation or a non-starting spring.

Add gas stabilizer to fuel tank

In severe cold outdoor conditions in winter, the use of gas stabilizer can prevent problems caused by unstable movement of gasoline molecules; it is very simple to use, just add a certain amount of stabilizer to the fuel tank, and then drive the car to deliver it to the entire fuel system.

car water tank

Replace engine oil and filter promptly

Change the oil and filter to improve the vehicle's operational stability.

Check coolant

Check the coolant level and strength, if something goes wrong you may need to look for a new motor.

Remove your car wheels

Leaving the car wheels for a long time may cause air leakage or tire pressure imbalance, which will seriously affect driving.

Car battery check

Generally speaking, cars generally use lithium-ion batteries. This type of battery will over-discharge in severe cold environments. It is recommended to remove your car's battery module.

Car cover

Car covers can keep out moisture and other debris, but it's not recommended to cover your car with plastic, which can absorb moisture and cause corrosion.

Other tips for winter car storage

Store Your Car Outside During Winter

Prevent small animals from interfering: Cars stored outdoors may become a greenhouse for some small animals. They may bite some important wires or live in the hood. Be careful to prepare some tools to block these entrances and exits.

Place freshener: the air inside the car stays fresh.

Building Insulation: Helps prevent moisture from rising and attacking the chassis.

Car washing and waxing: Waxing can ensure good moisture-proof car body.

In general

Storing your car outside during the winter requires special attention to snow and wind protection and vehicle maintenance to ensure the vehicle remains in good condition while in storage.

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