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The Importance of Car Tire Pressure, Contact Pattern and Tread Depth

Tire safety factor refers to the degree of impact of the normal use status and performance of the tire on driving safety. To ensure safe driving, we should always check the tire pressure, contact pattern and tread depth.

Generally speaking, the maximum service life of tires is 10 years. Replacing worn-out and damaged tires in a timely manner and checking the production date and service life of car tires are a responsible and safe performance for drivers, passengers and other road traffic participants.

Car Tire

Tire Pressure

Correct tire pressure ensures your vehicle has good grip and stability on the road. If the tire pressure is too low, the tire will become weak, increasing the risk of sidewall damage and puncture; while too high tire pressure will cause increased wear in the center of the tire, reducing the contact area with the road, reducing grip and Braking performance. Therefore, it is important to check and maintain proper tire pressure regularly.

Contact Pattern

Appropriate ground contact patterns can provide good grip and control performance and reduce the risk of slipping on slippery roads. However, as the tire wears, the ground contact pattern will gradually smooth out and lose good grip. If the tire contact pattern is found to be severely worn or uneven, the tire should be replaced in time to ensure driving safety.

Tread Depth

Shallow tread depth reduces the tire's ability to drain water on slippery roads, increasing the risk of aquaplaning. According to legal regulations, tire tread depth should generally be more than 1.6 mm. Regularly checking the tire tread depth and replacing the tires promptly when the tread depth is close to the limit can improve driving safety.

Tread Depth Specs

When the pressure, ground contact pattern and tread depth of car tires cannot be directly observed with the naked eye, some tools can be used to help confirm the tire status.

For example, after replacing a new tire, confirm whether the new tire pressure is normal, match the Autel TS508 and Autel MX-Sensor sensors, update the TPMS relearning module, and detect the tire pressure.

To detect the ground contact pattern and tread depth of automobile tires, the tool TBE200 detector can be used to measure the tread depth and brake disc wear of automobile tires.

In summary

Regularly checking tire pressure, tread pattern and tread depth is vital to ensuring safe driving. These simple inspection steps can help us detect tire problems in time and take appropriate measures to ensure that the vehicle is safer and more reliable on the road.

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