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Autel Scanner FCA AutoAuth & SGW Module Authentication Description

The Autel Scanner Diagnostic Scanning Tablet has been certified by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles of America (FCA) as of June 1, 2020 to access the Security Gateway Module on 2017 and newer FCA vehicles.

The SGW acts like a firewall, preventing unauthorized access and manipulation of vehicle networks and critical systems. The FCA said the SGW was not developed to restrict access to diagnostic data, but to limit "the ability of unregistered and unauthenticated users to perform intrusive diagnostics, such as two-way controls."

In addition to preventing bidirectional functionality (including calibration, relearn, and actuation), even the simple act of clearing code is denied. FCA, on the other hand, has almost 100% of vehicles produced in 2020 and beyond equipped with SGW.

Autel Tablet User Registration AutoAuth Instructions

Autel tablet users will be able to access the SGW module and perform previously restricted operations by signing up for AutoAuth, an authentication service. Enrolling in AutoAuth is necessary for the Autel tablet to be able to communicate with the FCA SGW authentication system.

You and your Autel tablet scanner must be registered with AutoAuth.

The tablet scanner must be connected to the network to communicate with the FCA SGW authentication system.

Flatbed scanners must have an active update subscription from Autel, see the Autel Software Updates page to upgrade the software.

Introduction to SGW Secure Gateway Access FCA Chrysler Jeep Dodge Fiat Vehicles  

How to effectively create an AutoAuth account?

First, log in to to create a user account, it's free.

Second, create a Service Center Registration/Independent Technician Registration account and pay the $50/year fee. You can then add up to 6 registered users and add up to 100 tools at no additional cost. The maximum number of users can be increased for $2 per additional user.

How To Use SGW Secure Gateway Access FCA Chrysler Jeep Dodge Fiat Vehicles 

Special Note

For your Autel tablet, please keep your Autel account online at all times to download the latest software.

Your Autel tablet scanner must have access to the internet so that it can communicate upstream to request and receive permission to bypass the Security Gateway module.

The FCA AutoAuth function of Autel scanner supports almost all North American vehicles, please consult us for SGW certification in other countries.

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