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Autel OBD2 Scanner Provides IMMO Service for Low-end Vehicles

Autel scanners can provide scanning, diagnosis and maintenance functions for more than 90% of vehicles on the market. Among non-critical key programming tools, Autel OBD II scanners can also provide basic IMMO services for some low-end vehicles, such as erasing lost keys. Car keys, add new keys, match new remote controls, reset IMMO ECU, etc.

Take the Autel MK808BT Pro as an example, one of the best OBD2 scanner full system diagnostic tools that provides active testing, 10000+ vehicle coverage, 21 language options, no IP restrictions, 28+ repair services, and supports key key programming.

Autel MK808 How to add keys to Ford Expedition?

  • Turn on the Autel MK808 and connect it to the vehicle.
  • Select Service>>Anti-Theft Key>>Ford>>Auto Select>>Read
  • Confirm the vehicle profile and enter the system selection menu.
  • Before programming the key,
  • We must know that it will first erase all keys of Ford, Honda, Toyota, etc. cars.
  • Therefore, we'd better prepare at least two keys for programming.
  • Select "PATS (Passive Anti-Theft System)", insert the original car key into the ignition switch, and turn it on according to the prompts.
  • The device will start getting secure access.
  • This process takes approximately 10 minutes and erases the original key to allow key programming.
  • Then we enter the function menu.
  • Select "Program additional ignition key".
  • Remove the original key and insert the new key into the ignition switch as prompted.
  • Press OK to program the new key.
  • Within seconds, the operation was successful.

Autel MK808BT Pro can perform actions such as erasing lost car keys, adding new keys, matching new remote controls, and resetting IMMO ECU for some low-end models in the basic IMMO service.

What is the difference between OBD 2 Scanner and Key Fob Programming Tool?

Autel Key Fob Programming Tool is more powerful than Autel OBD 2 Scanner. For example, Autel IM508S Key Fob Programming Tool has the same diagnostic level as MX808/MK808BT, but it can provide extraordinary service functions on the car's anti-theft system. Such as advanced button programming, PIN/CS reading (complete loss), key generation, button programming

Command introduction, backup/restoration of immobilizer data, IMMO ECU reset/adaptation, IMMO ECU regeneration/encoding, BMW FEM/BDC key, programming and ECU adaptation, VW/AUDI MQB key programming, 48 transponder (96-bit) key Duplicate, total loss, A6 total loss, etc.

If you want a scanner tool that further improves IMMO services on top of existing diagnostic functions, IM508S is your next choice. Of course, the basic OBD2 scanner can also provide IMMO services for some low-end vehicles. Ask us for more information.

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