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BMW F10 CAS4/CAS4+ How to Add key with Autel MaxiIM IM608

BMW F10 CAS4/CAS4+ Add key with Autel IM608

Note:If you encounter any type of problem during the process, please upload the datalog on the top-right corner after failing to perform the functions. Please connect your device to the network while performing the following functions.

Youtube Tutor Video

A short video to show the complete obd process for bmw cas4 key programming. If at first you do not get the keyless functions of the key but it starts the car. Program a second key it will start to work.

Key Picture

key picture

Specific Key Programming Procedure is as bellow:
  • Notes: For CAS4, Add key all key lost procedure is the same, no need to get ISN; For Cas4+ all key lost, go to ISN code management to try to read Engine ISN code first, if it is not supported, you need to get ISN code through other way.
  • Other steps are the same as add key. To check the type of CAS system, go to “ECU information” to check.
  • First Connect IM508/608 to the vehicle, Go to “BMW”--> “smart selection”->
  • Mini(Europea)->smart mode -> key learning to perform key programming.








Make sure you have connected device to the network then continue.







After key has been learned successfully, test the new key if it is working.

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