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Can I Back Up And Restore Autel Scanner Software?

During the use of Autel scanners, it is a good habit to back up your scanner data in a timely manner. Here, we will explain the entire process of data backup and data recovery of Autel scanner.

Why do I need to back up Autel scanner software data?

When using scanner software, you may encounter unexpected situations that result in data loss/corruption or accidental deletion. In order to recover it in time, it is a good idea to back up your data. Backing up Autel scanner data helps mitigate the risk of data loss, ensures data security, facilitates recovery, and enables quick recovery during software upgrades and migrations!

When should I back up Autel scanner data?

1. If you currently have a subscription... run update

2. If your annual subscription has expired...restore from backup.

3. No backup...renew.

How to backup Autel scanner software?

Insert the USB drive into the Autel scanner, please make sure your scanner has a USD interface.

Click the Home button->ES File Explorer and copy and paste the SCAN folder from the Autel tablet to the USB drive.

backup Autel scanner software
backup Autel scanner software
backup Autel scanner software

To summarize, copy and paste the SCAN folder from your Autel tablet to your 32GB flash drive (meaning drive, SD card, etc.).

WARNING: Autel devices do not recognize flash drives larger than 32GB!


Q: Which Autel tablets support this backup method?

A: All of Autel's current Android-based tablets, including all MaxiSys 906, 908 pro, and even the mx808 and ts608.

Q: Can I use a flash drive larger than 32GB?

Answer: No. Autel tablet does not recognize flash drives larger than 32GB

Q: How to restore files from backup?

A: Copy the SCAN folder from the backup flash drive to the tablet

Q: After the subscription expires, can I use the backup to restore the Autel tablet?

Answer: Yes.

Q: Can I "lend" a backup to a friend?

Answer: No. Backups are tied to serial numbers.

Q: When should I perform a backup?

A: Make at least one backup before your current subscription expires. Ideally, take at least two backups:

-one for use

- Another one for use in case the first backup doesn't work.

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