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Autel IM608 adding a Prox Key to a Subaru

Subaru cars can be seen everywhere on American roads. If you want to add keys to people around you, then let Autel IM608 help you add Prox Key to Subaru cars.

How to use Autel IM608 adding a Prox Key to 2015 Subaru Forester?

Connect the main cable of IM608 to the OBD2 interface of the vehicle for communication.

Autel IM608 adding a Prox Key to a Subaru

Click the car start button and IM608 will identify the car VIN. If the automatic VIN recognition fails, we can also manually enter the VIN to identify the car.

When the scanner tool is correctly connected to the car, click EMO status scan to perform full vehicle system diagnosis and identify car fault DTC. (Autel IM608 can perform OE-level diagnostics and service functions to quickly read and clear codes)

In the IMMO function, select the add key function and click OK. In the Add Key function, make sure everything is clear or off.

When Autel IM608 adds a new key to the car, please make sure you still have the original registered key. Autel IM608 will copy the information of the original key and add it.

When we execute the function of adding keys, we can also choose to add one or multiple keys. After adding keys, the scanner will sound a prompt.

After adding the key, turn off the car and restart the car to verify the validity of the car key.

What you should also pay attention to is:

Subaru cars have keyless entry, and the car will start when the key fob is within range, and the car door can be opened without a toothed key.

Autel IM608 is an automotive IMMO service tool and car diagnostic scanner, comprehensive immobilizer and key programming tool and ideal for auto technicians and locksmiths. The current IM608 scanner has been upgraded to Autel IM608S II / IM608 PRO II scanner.

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