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Autel Autolink AL529HD Heavy Duty Engine Code Reader

The AutoLINK AL529HD is a heavy-duty engine code reader suitable for Class 1 (0-6,000LBS) to Class 9 (33,000LBS) vehicles. It can read and erase heavy-duty engine DTCS, supports J1939 and J1708 heavy-duty protocols, can graph/record/playback real-time data, and display real-time and freeze-frame data.

The AL529HD supports all 10 OBDII test modes, features one-touch I/M readiness/emissions testing, and features enhanced Mode 6 diagnostics. It is updateable via PC and includes a color screen, Deutsch 9-pin and Deutsch 6-pin connectors, and OBDII cables.

What are the advantages of Autel AL529HD?

Autel AL529HD Code Reader

Read/ Erase Heavy Duty Engine DTCs

Class 1-9 Commercial Vehicles

Includes Deutsch 9-Pin & 6-Pin Adapters

Supports J1939 & J1708 HD Protocols

One-Touch I/M Readiness/ LED Indicator

FREE Lifetime Software (lifetime of tool) & 1Yr Warranty

Support All 10 OBDII Test Modes

Enhanced Mode 6 Diagnostics

Graph, Record & Playback Live Data

Display Live & Freeze Frame Data

Covers Domestic, Asian & European Vehicle Manufacturers (1996+)

Includes OBDII Cable

Easy-To-Use Navigation /Software Updates via PC

Full Color Display 320x240

Save Files with Micro SD Card (not included)

Can Autel AL529HD perform diagnostics on heavy trucks/commercial vehicles?

Autel AL529HD can only read heavy-duty truck engine codes and cannot perform diagnostics for heavy-duty trucks/commercial vehicles. Please add Autel MS908CV II, Autel MS909CV diagnostic scanners.

How much does it cost to update software for Autel AL529HD?

Autel AL529HD Heavy Duty Engine Code Reader is a handheld code reader that comes with free lifetime software updates.

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