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New Scanner Autel MP900BT Registration & Use | Complete Tutorial

Autel launches 900 series new scanners. Autel 900 series scanners add DO IP/CanFD protocol, support Wifi printing and rear cameras, and can better communicate with vehicles. Here we show the complete tutorial from registration to use of Autel MP900BT scanner.

Part One: AUTEL MP900-BT Unboxing

The MP900Z-BT's main unit, VCI and other accessories are packed in the carrying case.

  • 1 piece AUTEL MP900BT main unit
  • 1 piece MaxiVCI V150
  • 1 power adapter
  • 1 USB Type-C cable
  • 1 soft cloth
  • 1 quick reference guide
  • 1 piece x packing list
  • 1 piece x suitcase

Part 2: How to register and update Autel MaxiPRO MP900BT scanner?

Registering an Autel scanner is to better keep in touch with Autel users. After you log in to your Autel account and encounter any problems while using the Autel scanner, you can upload logs, contact online experts or ask Autel for support. Better understand problems and provide solutions.

creat autel id

For first time use, you need to register and update MP900BT. Turn on the device and agree to the end user license.

The first time you use the Autel MP900BT scanner (after software upgrade or factory reset), you need to connect to the Internet for authentication. Please connect to the Internet! Please download the update when the wifi network is smooth.

After connecting, return to the main menu and you will automatically enter the registration page.

Click "Register", correctly enter the user name, country, province, city phone number, SMS verification code, and password and click "Register" to complete the process.

After the registration is completed, click "Bind" to bind the mobile phone number and device.

After that, it will automatically return to the main menu. Click "Update" to update the App and OS respectively.

Part 3: Autel MP900-BT function display

Autel MP900-BT scanner supports American, European and Asian models, 150+ vehicle brands, and supports some of the latest 2024 year vehicles. The Autel MP900-BT scanner can perform full system diagnostics and more than 40 services.

Autel MP900BT Diagnostic Menu

Part 4: How to use MaxiPro MP900BT?

The new MaxiPro MP900BT is equipped with MaxiVCI V150. The MaxiVCI V150 adapter has an indicator light. When plugged into the vehicle OBD-II interface, the indicator light on the VCI shows orange. When the indicator light turns blue, it means the connection with the MP900Z-BT tablet is successful.

Select "Auto Scan" to identify the ECU information. If unsuccessful, you can choose to enter it manually. When the vehicle SIN is correctly identified, it will automatically enter the function menu. At this time, you can test the functions supported by the MP900BT scanner until the test is completed.

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