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How Do I Pair Autel VCI Device With Scanner Tablet Tool?

There are various types of Autel scanners. Scanners that rely on Bluetooth connection will be equipped with a Bluetooth VCI device. This device usually has a 16-pin interface and is used to connect to the vehicle's OBD 2 interface and enter the vehicle's ECU dashboard to read data.

The flatbed scanner will be paired with the Bluetooth VCI to transmit the read car information to the Autel tablet scanner. The range of the Bluetooth connection can be expanded to 10 meters, which greatly enhances the range of activities of the car staff.

Autel MaxiSys Elite paired with J2534 ECU Programming Tool

1. Power on the MaxiSys tablet.

2. Connect the 26-pin end of the data cable to the vehicle data connector on the J2534 ECU programming device.

3. Connect the 16-pin end of the data cable to the vehicle data link connector (DLC).

4. Click the VCI Manager application on the tablet MaxiSys job menu.

5. Select BT from the connection mode list.

6. Click the "Scan" button on the screen. Upper right corner. The device now starts searching for available pairing devices.

7. Depending on the type of VCI you are using, the device name may appear as Maxi with a serial number suffix. Select the device you want to pair.

8. After successful pairing, the connection status displayed to the right of the device name shows "Paired".

9. Wait a few seconds and the VCI button on the system navigation bar at the bottom of the screen will display a green checkmark icon, indicating that the tablet is connected to a VCI device.

10. Click the paired device again to unpair it.

11. Click the "Back" button in the upper left corner to return to the main menu.

NOTE: A VCI device can only be paired with one display tablet at a time, and once paired, the device will not be discoverable by any other device.

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