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TP Screen Replacement Tips for Autel Maxisys Tablets MS906, MS906BT, MS908, MS908S

Important Notes on Replacement of New Suppliers TP Screen on Autel MaxiSys Tablets, like MS906, MS906BT, MS908, MS908S, etc. Customers who have problems when installed a new touch screen on maxisys tablets, there are two things they can do.

  • A. Please follow below steps to reflash your MaxiSys to the free system program version before you do TP screen replacement:
  1. Extract the rar. file and you will get a folder "autel_906/autel_906bt/autel_906ts/ autel_factory_dev/autel_908s".
  2. Copy the whole folder into a blank TF card;
  3. Insert the TF card into MaxiSys tablet;
  4. Reboot the device and the program will be running automatically;
  5. Remove the TF card from the MaxiSys after reflashing process is done;
  6. The MaxiSys tablet will be powered on automatically.
  • B. If you didn’t try above steps before replacing the touch screen, please have a try after you replace the touch screen. If the new touch screen is still not working properly, then the TP screen you installed might be a new Suppliers TP Screen.  Please follow Point C to have a try.
  • C. Important Notes on Replacement of New Suppliers TP Screen on MaxiSys Tablets:
  1. Confirm with the seller your TP Screen Material Number, check bellow lists if your TP screen is one of them.
  2. Part Number of new TP screen Involved
  • NO.                 Model
  • 501003930     MS906

  • 501003932     MS906BT
  • 501004169     MS908
  • 501003923     MS908S
  • Note: The above new TP screen is provided by a new supplier, which will be used for TP replacement of the above models.
  • D. Preparations:
  1. Update operating system to the latest version first. E.g. Maxisys 906 V03.46.00, Maxisys906BT V03.31.00 , MS908 V03.41.00. If the MaxiSys was out of update period, please extend your update service and then download new firmware.
  2. Remove Resistance:
  • Remove R289 Resistance for MS908

 TP Replacement

  • Remove R375 Resistance for MS906 / MS906BT

TP Replacement-02

3. Remove specific buttons for MS906, MS906BT, MS906TS

  • Remove J11, J12 buttons(as showed below) for MS906BT, MS906TS

TP Replacement-03

  • Remove J11, J12 buttons (as showed below) for MS906

TP Replacement-04

4. Pasting way of TP for MS906, MS906BT, MS906TS

  • TP plate should be pasted parallelly with the magnesium alloy stent.

TP Replacement-05

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