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7 Reasons Not To Buy A Cloning Diagnostic Tool

Clone (fake) diagnostic tools may be significantly cheaper than the genuine article, but are they worth the savings? When you encounter a cloned (fake) diagnostic tool, will you buy it?

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Reasons to avoid cloning

1. Cloning tools can’t keep up with car software updates

Vehicle manufacturers update software so frequently these days that by the time you buy a clone, it's already out of date. All connections are made in the cloud, which means you'll almost certainly have trouble updating fake tools.

2. Safety improves significantly for automakers

Automakers continue to improve the confidentiality of their safety technologies and focus on confidentiality. Many automakers have moved to cloud-based platforms, making it very difficult to copy or reverse-engineer software.

By purchasing counterfeit devices and software, you face serious legal consequences.

3. Genuine software cannot use pirated tools

This brings us back to our previous point. Since most car manufacturers have added device serial number identification capabilities to their software, this means you won't be able to connect genuine software and pirated tools.

Your device might even brick while connected!

4. The cloning tool does not support the warranty or maintenance of genuine products.

If your cloning tool malfunctions or has software issues, it could damage your car's electronics, itself, or both; resulting in expensive repairs. These tools do not come with a warranty that you can trust, so you are responsible for any damage or malfunction that occurs while using them.

5. No cloning tool support or training

Who do you turn to for help? How to send it back if something breaks? Where is your warranty? For obvious reasons, most counterfeit sellers aren't hanging around, so if you need training or your watershed no longer works, there's no one to help you.

6. Limited functionality compared to the original version

Even if you manage to find a tool that works, you won't have the same level of functionality as a real tool, which can leave you frustrated and limited in your abilities as a studio.

7. Poor quality

Clone scanner tools may involve false advertising, or copycatting the potential of the genuine tool, and the clone tool shows you what is achievable, but in reality it is not.

Cloning tools may originate from the assembly of multiple components of different quality, and may not be supported for use in large workshops and vehicles with high safety factors.

In summary

A few years ago you could buy cheaper fake tools and software, but not anymore. You may save some money on your initial purchase, but it may end up costing you a fortune.

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