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Autel MS908CV II VS MS908CV VS MS906CV

The 2024 new Autel MS908CV II workshop scanner is the same as the MaxiSYS MS909CV, an upgraded version of the MS908CV/MS906CV, which can conduct comprehensive diagnosis of more than 150 brands of commercial vehicles. The MaxiSYS MS908CV next-level scanner is fully upgraded in hardware and software.

The upgrade of Autel MS908CV II brings a more comprehensive diagnostic scope to heavy commercial vehicles. Here, we will compare Autel MS908CV II vs Autel MS908CV vs Autel MS906CV.


Autel MS908CV II Scanner


Autel Maxisys CV MS908CV Heavy Duty Truck Diagnostic Tool
Autel Maxisys MS906CV
CPU Qualcomm 660 Sam-sung 5260 Sam-sung 526
RAM & ROM 4GB/128GB 2GB/64GB 2GB/32GB
Android Version Android 10 Android 4 Android 4
Screen 9.7 inches 1536*2048 9.7 inches,1024*768 8 inches,1024*768
Battery 11000 mAh 11000 mAh 5000 mAh
Camera 16MP 5MP 5MP
External SD Card Support up to 256GB Support up to128GB Support up to128GB
Light Duty/ Heavy Duty/Buses/Trailer/ Special Vehicles Yes Yes Yes
Agricultural/Construction Vehices Yes No No
Advanced ECU Coding Yes Yes No
Service Functions 53+ 48+ 30+
Active Test Yes Yes No
Auto Scan 2.0 Yes No No
D-PDU/RP1210 Yes Yes No
Pre-Scan & Post-Scan Yes No No
Report to Cloud Yes No No
WIFI Printing Yes No No

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