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Autel Advanced Smartphone Vehicle Diagnostics AP2500

Most drivers today are familiar with the lights and indicators on their dashboard, and when the check engine light comes on, the car is not in normal condition. Are professional scanner tools too bulky? Maybe you could try a smartphone vehicle scanner!

Autel MAXIAP AP2500 allows your smartphone to communicate with your car. Connect Autel MAXIAP AP2500 to your vehicle's OBD2 interface to fully understand your car.

What is Autel MaxiAP AP2500?

The MaxiAP AP2500 is an app-based diagnostic and service tool compatible with Android and iOS phones that can perform all system diagnostics for a vehicle make (additional brand coverage is available via in-app purchase).

Read and erase codes, perform emissions readiness tests, and view freeze frames and live data for 1996 and newer U.S., Asian, and European vehicles. Performs several of the most common vehicle maintenance services, including battery registration, TPMS sensor relearning, and oil light service resets. Electric vehicle battery testing is possible.

Why did I choose the Autel MaxiAP AP2500 Smartphone Vehicle Scanner?

  • Read and erase code, view freeze frames and live data, perform emissions testing.
  • Includes Bluetooth adapter for wireless connection to vehicle. Download the free MaxiAP Diag app from Google Play or the App Store.
  • Perform vehicle health checks including engine oil life, average fuel consumption and brake pad life.
  • Perform all system diagnostics on first vehicle make. Additional vehicle insurance can be added via in-app purchase.
  • Supports common DIY service functions, such as oil lamp reset, TPMS relearning, battery registration, wiper replacement, etc.
  • It has a "find local repair shop function" to meet quick maintenance and service needs.
  • Testing hybrid and electric vehicle power batteries. Evaluate battery state of charge (SoC), state of health (SoH), and charging range.
  • Provide DTC query/TSB/common instrument light definitions/100 kilometers dynamic acceleration test.
  • Quickly identify your vehicle with Auto VIN. Store and quickly access past recordings and diagnostic reports.
  • Includes one-year limited warranty.

Can I use my phone as a car diagnostic tool?

Of course, buy the Autel MaxiAP AP2500 Smartphone Vehicle Scanner, which works with any iOS or Android smartphone.

Does the Autel MaxiAP AP2500 tell you what parts need to be replaced?

No! Fault codes can only give you an indication of what might be wrong. You can only rule out the multiple possible causes of component failure based on experience.

Will deleting the fault code solve the problem?

Deleting the fault code is only temporary, and the real solution to the problem requires a complete repair of the vehicle component failure so that the same fault code does not reoccur.

Can the Autel MaxiAP AP2500 be used to program automotive computers (ECUs)?

No, to do this you need a more advanced scanner such as Autel MaxiSys MS909, Autel Ultra.

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