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Autel MP900TS VS MK906PRO-TS VS MP900

In the automotive repair and after-sales market, vehicle diagnostic scanners play an increasingly important role. They perform full-system diagnosis of the vehicle and fully understand the vehicle status.

Here, we will compare three popular Autel scanner models: Autel MP900TS VS MK906PRO-TS VS MP900. Help car maintenance personnel better understand their features and functions, and provide a reference for scanner purchase.



Autel MaxiPRO MP900TS OE-Level Automotive Diagnostic Scanner


Autel MaxiCOM MK906Pro TS Autel Scanner with TPMS Functions ECU Coding


Autel MaxiPRO MP900 / MP900E All System Diagnostic Scanner

Sold $1059 $1279 $699
OS Android 11.0 Android 10.0 Android 11.0
CPU 4-Core 3566
8-Core 8895
4-Core 3566
Screen 8in 1280x800 8in 1920x1200 8in 1280x800
Battery 7700mAh 11600mAh 7700mAh
Connection method Wiredless Wiredless Wired
Complete TPMS
TPMS Program/Re
TPMS Retrofit
TPMS Toolkit/Key Fob Check
Personalized Programming LandRover.
ECU Coding & Bidirectional Control
Maintenance Service 40+ 40+ 40+
Pre&Post Scan
WIFl Print & DolP Protocol
Works on Volvo 2018+, Jaguar&Land Rover 2017+.BMW F&G chassis models.
CAN FD Protocol
Work on Corvette 2020+Encore, Genesis, GL8, etc
Auto Scan 2.0: Scan ViN/
Scan License


With cars everywhere on the road today, it is equally important for car owners to perform their own vehicle inspections. Among these three scanners, the scanner tool that supports automotive TPMS services is superior. Autel MP900TS is one of the latest TPMS service tools in 2024, try new discoveries!

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