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What is ADAS?

Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), are technological features that are designed to improve driver safety and prevent automotive accidents. ADAS utilizes sensors such as radar, sonar, lidar and cameras to perceive the world around the vehicle, and either provide critical information to the driver or take automatic action to avoid or mitigate the effects of a crash.

ADAS systems are designed to increase driver safety and decrease the number and/or the severity of automotive accidents. According to a study conducted by AAA foundation, ADAS has the potential to prevent 40% of all vehicle crashes, 37% of injuries and 29% of vehicular deaths.

Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are becoming standard equipment in today’s new vehicles. These systems are designed to help drivers prevent collisions by displaying alerts, providing camera images, or taking immediate control of the vehicle.

Autel MaxiSys ADAS offers unique complete diagnostic capabilities, comprehensive and precise ADAS calibration. With MaxiSys calibration tools and precise software, Autel MaxiSys ADAS is the ideal calibration tool for collision repair, glass replacement and repair shops.

Autel ADAS systems are engineered to solve the specific requirements of every type of repair shop; from in-shop optical positioning with the IA800 Standard Frame, mobile calibrations with the MA600, and the industry's only single system Diagnostics + Wheel Alignment + ADAS Calibration solution — the IA900WA.

Which Autel scanners can support ADAS expansion?

Among Autel scanners, those that support ADAS expansion are MS906TS, MS906BT, MS906 Pro, MS906 Pro-TS, MS908, MS908 Pro, MS908S, MS908S Pro, MS908S II, MS908S Pro II, Maxisys Elite, Maxisys Elite II, Maxisys Elite II Pro, MS909, MS919, Ultra.

Please note: Please do not purchase scanner models that support ADAS online. You also need to purchase ADAS from a local dealer to use it. Please consult your local dealer for details.

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