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2023 Best OBD II Bi-Directional Control Scanners Under $500

With the rapid growth of the automobile market, the repair and maintenance of automobiles is also very important. The vehicle diagnostic tool provides convenience for small repair shops and DIY enthusiasts. The OBD II Bi-Directional Control Scanner has become a must-have tool in vehicle maintenance and troubleshooting.

This article will explain the best OBD II Bi-Directional control scanners in 2023 for those who need car maintenance, and these OBD II scanner tools are under $500.

Which scanner is best for you?

Autel MK808BTPro Launch CRP919X KINGBOLEN K7 FOXWELL NT809 Ancel X7
Related Date 2023  2023 2023 2022 2022
Display 7"  1024*600 7"  1024*600 7"  1024*600 7"  1024*600 10.1"
Operating System Android 11 Android 10.0 Android 10.0 Android 9.0 Android 8.1



Battery 5000mAh 6100mAh 3150mAh 4000mAh 6000mAh
Bluetooth Yes No Yes Yes Yes

Bi-Directional Control

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

All Systems Diagnostic

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Service functions 38+ 31+ 31+ 30+ 10+
Multilingual support 21+ 10+ 15+ 15+ 10+
Vehicle coverage 150+ 100+ 100+ 108+ 100+
Price $469 $465 $459 $499 $339

Autel MK808BTPro

Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT PRO OBD2 Diagnostic Tool

As a newly upgraded OBD II scanner in 2023, Autel MK808BT Pro adopts Bluetooth connection, working range up to 30 feet (10m), 7.0-inch touch screen, no IP limitation.

MK808BT ProOBD II scanner supports all system diagnostics, Bi-Directional control/active test, 24 languages, 37+ service and maintenance functions, also provides data log and remote help. MK808BT PRO scanning tool can support extended accessories including battery tester BT506 and digital endoscope MV108.

Launch CRP919X

Launch CRP919X

The Launch CRP919X is another highly regarded OBD II scanner. It has powerful diagnostic capabilities and a user-friendly interface. CRP919X can execute ECU coding, bi-directional control (active test), compatible with DoIP and CAN FD protocols, 10 OBD modes, and rich online maintenance database, which can meet the needs of different car owners.



KINGBOLEN K7 is a cost-effective OBD II scanner. It supports bidirectional control and multiple basic diagnostic functions, KINGBOLEN K7 has three years of software updates, with a rear 12MP camera, 7-inch display, which is convenient for users to troubleshoot and maintain.



A professional tablet diagnostic scanner worth investing in in 2023, the hardware system configuration of NT809 scanner is low, but it can also perform OE level all control module diagnosis and more than 30 reset services, 4 in 1 Live Data Stream can be better zhan's display engine speed, wheel speed, transmission oil temperature, etc.

Ancel X7

Ancel X7 Scanner Tool
Ancel X7 is a brand new OBD II scanner code reader with a relatively low price but full-featured. It supports bi-directional control and diagnostics, provides 10 maintenance functions, 2 years of free software updates, and is suitable for a wide range of vehicle models and brands.

In conclusion:

The Autel MK808BT PRO, Launch CRP919X, KINGBOLEN K7, FOXWELL NT809 and Ancel X7 introduced above are all the best OBD II bi-directional control scanners under $500 in 2023.

Whether it is a professional technician or an ordinary car owner, they can choose a suitable scanner according to their own needs, and use these tools to perform vehicle maintenance and troubleshooting more conveniently. Remember to do your own research on the product to make sure it is compatible with your vehicle and fits your needs before buying.

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