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Autel ITS600 vs. TS508WF vs. OTOFix TrieGo 808

TPMS Relearning Tool Gets your car tires ready for use again. Choose the 2024 best cheap, simple and practical TPMS programming tool to re-learn, activate, diagnose all TPMS sensors, and program sensors. Autel ITS600 vs. TS508WF vs. OTOFix TrieGo 808 will let you discover more surprises!

Autel ITS600 vs. TS508WF vs. OTOFix TrieGo 808 comparison chart



Autel MaxiTPMS ITS600 TPMS Relearn Tool


Autel MaxiTPMS TS508WF

TrieGo 808

OTOFIX TireGo 808

Worldwide Vehicle Coverage 99%, Always Up-to-date
Easy Vehicle Identification ● (AutoVIN, VINscan, QR code/Barcode scan, Plate Scan,Manually select/input) ● (Manually select) ● (Manually select)
Activate, Read, Relearn All Known TPMS Sensors
Four Programming Options ●(Except for the US) ●(Except for the US) ●(Except for the US)
Autel Sensor Batch Programming ● (Up to 20 sensors) ● (Up to 16 sensors) ● (Up to 16 sensors)
OEM inquiry
OBDII Relearn / Automatic Relearn / Stationary Relearn
Relearn Procedure Guide
Exclusive TPMS Status Screen
Indicate sensor OE part number
Check MX-Sensor Information
(ID, Battery, etc.)
Tire Pressure Placard Value Reset
Unlock TPMS ECU for old Toyota/Lexus, Integrated into OBD relearn
Test Remote Key Entry (RKE)
Read/Clear Codes for TPMS System
DOT Scan, Tire Expiration Notice, Tire Recall Lookup
Test Report ● (View on PC) ● (View on PC)
TPMS Software Update Free Update Free Update Free Update
All System Diagnostics & All Maintenance Service Free OLS, SAS, BMS, EPB; Optional purchase of Pro Upgrade for
  All System Diagnostics & All Maintenance Service
× ×
Special Function only supports Oil Light, BMS, SAS, EPB × ×
Active Test × × ×
Diagnostic Software Update Free Update × ×
OPERATING SYSTEM Android 9.0 × ×
Display 5.5 inch TFT LCD-touch, 1280x720 2.8 inch TFT LCD, 320×240 2.8 inch TFT LCD, 320×240
Camera 8 MP
Flash / RAM / SD 64GB / 1G; SD card up to 64G (Optional) 16M / 3M 16M / 3M
Lithium-ion Battery 3.8V/5000mAh 3.7V/3200mAh 3.7V/3200mAh
Vibration reminder, Microphone voice remote assistance
  test(With BT506)
Tread Depth & Brake Disc Wear Examiner TBE200 / TBE100 ● (Sold separately)
Thermal printer ● (Sold separately)

Autel MaxiTPMS TS508WF vs. OTOFix TrieGo 808 TPMS service tools have the same support functions and the same performance. They both support programming of 315/433MHz Autel Sensor and have free lifetime updates.

The performance of Autel ITS600 TPMS Tool is far superior to that of Autel TS508WF and TrieGo 808, and it supports more services and a wider range of functions. These three practical tools are the best OBD2 TPMS tools under $500.

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