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Customer Reviews: Autel MaxiCheck MX808S Diagnostic Scan Tool

【2-Year Free Update】Autel MaxiCheck MX808S Diagnostic Scan Tool, Bi-Directional Control Scanner with 2023 Newest 36+ Services, All Systems Diagnosis, and Active Test [Upgraded of MX808/MK808]
The Autel MX808s for me, is the next step in DIY diagnostics for my cars. I've been using this in a 2013 BMW 335 and the Autel scans all ECUs and provides much more detail than my plain old code scanner. The Autel auto scans my VIN and recognizes what make, model, and year the scanner is connected to. There is a learning curve here, solely due to the large step up over a plain old code scanner. It also comes in a protective case, very impressive, I can see my friend's envy. The biggest reason I bought this scanner is the ability to program injector flow rates into my ECU. With modern direct injection engines, it's a matter of time before injectors need replacement. It's a relatively easy DIY provided you can program flow rates, which I can now do. I'm seriously impressed with this scanner and I HIGHLY recommend this model to anyone who does auto DIY repair and maintenance like I do.

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