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How to use Vehicle Coverage Checker of Autel Scanner?

Autel diagnostic scanners help you understand your vehicle, identify problems and provide repair guidance. However, due to the diversity of vehicle brands and the complexity of vehicle technology, not all Autel diagnostic scanners are suitable for your vehicle. Before buying an Autel diagnostic scanner, check it all out in the Vehicle Coverage Checker.

Meet the Autel Vehicle Coverage Checker

Autel's Coverage Checker is a custom tool that allows you to view the OBD2 scanner features available for your specific vehicle based on year, make, and model.

In terms of vehicle protocols and scanner functions, purchasing an unsuitable OBD2 scanner is obviously an investment with no return.

Before you fully understand the details, your scanner may be completely unusable, unable to adapt to your car, adapted to your car but without the functions you want, etc. To avoid unnecessary expenses, it is right to choose to check out the vehicle coverage checker.

Go to coverage checker

Click the button below to access our coverage checker. Once completed, you will see a screen similar to the image below.

Above the navigation bar, you will see three types: Diagnostic Tools, TPMS Tools, and Other Tools.

Autel Vehicle Coverage

Diagnostic Tools stands for Tablet Scanner to query diagnostic and service functions of vehicles of different years, makes and models.

TPMS Tools can query tools with TPMS services for programming and learning of vehicle sensors of different years and brands.

Other Tools can find the service content of the handheld tool OBD2 code reader. Autel AL519 scanners and below scanners will not be updated and maintained, and no inquiries will be provided.

Note: If you cannot select Vehicle Model in following select box, don't worry! Please send your VIN and demands to to check compatibility, Our engineer or support will reply to you within 8 hours.

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