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How To Distinguish Indirect TPMS and Direct TPMS?

As we all know, tire pressure has a significant impact on the safety of the entire car. TPMS is installed on the car to reduce the occurrence of traffic accidents. Here, we will explain the indirect TPMS and direct TPMS of automobiles.

Simply put, direct TPMS uses direct tire pressure sensors on each wheel to measure tire pressure, while indirect TPMS uses no sensors. Indirect TPMS often use anti-lock brake system (ABS) speed sensors to calculate pressure.

The difference in the tire pressure information collection methods between indirect TPMS and direct TPMS naturally affects the tire pressure numerical results obtained.

What is the difference between a direct tire pressure monitoring system and an indirect tire pressure monitoring system?

Direct TPMS collects accurate pressure data directly from the tire valve through four specialized pressure sensors connected to the valve and transmits the data to the vehicle's electronic control unit (ECU), reporting pressure readings in real time.

Indirect TPMS uses the ABS system to estimate tire pressure, and the motorist must travel a considerable distance before an alert is issued.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Direct Tire Pressure Monitoring System and Indirect Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Direct TPMS can accurately monitor the tire pressure of each tire and provide more accurate tire pressure data. The system will sound an alarm when the tire pressure falls below a preset value.

Direct TPMS can measure tire pressure in real time by reading sensors mounted directly inside the tire and transmit the data to the vehicle's electronic control unit (ECU).

Indirect TPMS is susceptible to interference from other factors. When the tire pressure of one or more tires is reduced, its radius decreases, causing the wheel rotation speed to increase. The system determines whether the tire pressure is below the normal range by comparing it with the vehicle's speed and other sensor data. Indirect TPMS cannot provide accurate tire pressure values and can only provide warning indications.

Therefore, choosing direct TPMS is more accurate and efficient.

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