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Autel AutoLink AL519 In-depth Review 2023

The Autel AutoLink AL519 is one of the most cost-effective OBD2 mid-range scanners in 2023, suitable for DIY enthusiasts or mechanics. The Autel AL519 quickly reads vehicle error codes and supports OBD II testing for vehicles updated after 1996.

Read this Autel AutoLink AL519 review article to learn more about this car diagnostic tool.

Autel AutoLink AL519 OBD2 Scanner Enhanced OBD ll Scan Tool with Mode 6 Engine Diagnostic Code Reader

Autel AutoLink AL519 Specifications:

Display: TFT color display (320 x 240 dpi)
Operating Temp: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140 F°)
Storage Temp: -20°C to 70°C (-4°F to 158°F)
Dimensions (LxWxH): 175 mm x 96.6 mm x 37 mm(6.91” x 3.80” x 1.46”)
Weight: 0.3kg (0.8lb, without wire) or 0.68kg (1.82lb, with wire)

LED Interpretation

The green and red LEDs provide an easy way to check if emission-related monitoring systems complete theirself-diagnostic testing.

GREEN LED-Indicate that engine systems are"ok and operating normally.

YELLOW LED-with MIL off. there may be three possible conditions to cause the vellowLED to light.

RED LED-Indicate there is a problem with oneor more of the vehicle s svstem A vehicle displaying a red LED is definitely not ready for anEmissions Test.

I/M Readiness Key

I/M Readiness Function

One Key to complete vehicle exhaust testing

Used for

Make sure your car compliance to a stateemissions program before vehicle inspection

One-Click lIM Readiness Key

"OK”-indicates that a particular monitor being checkedhas completed its diagnostic testing.

INC-ndicates that a particular monitor being checkedhas not completed its diagnostic testing.

N/A”--The monitor is not supported on the vehicle.The green,yellow and red LEDs provide a quick wayto help you determine if a vehicle is ready for an Emission Test.

Turns off Check Engine (MIL)

Clears codes and resets monitors.Full function OBD2 Engine Scannerread and clear errors.

DTC Look up

It is easy to know what is the error meaningsaves your time to search online.

Review Data Function

The Review Data function allows viewing of data from last testrecorded by the scan tool.

1) Use the UP/DOWN scroll button and LEFT/RIGHT scroll buttonto select Review Data from Main Screen ,and press the Ok button.

2) Use the UP/DOWN scroll button to select the desired item fromReview Data menuand press the OK button.

Internet update & Print Data

Click Review and Print option to save or print diagnostic report proveidesife-time FREE software update to fix the latest bugs or add newly parameters.

Language setup

English is the default language

1. From System Setup screen ,use the UP/DOWN scroll button to select Language ,andpress the OK button

2.Use the UP/DOWN scroll button to select the desired language and press the Ok buttonto save your selection and return to previous screen.

In conclusion

The Autel AutoLink AL519 scanner is an excellent basic barcode reader with excellent features. It has the ability to read and erase error codes, reset the steering angle sensor, perform an oil light reset, and set up a mileage check. It also covers more than 50 car brands and can be updated via the Internet.

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