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Autel ML629 OBD2 ABS Airbag Scanner Reviews

Autel Maxilink ML629 is an upgraded version of Autel Maxilink ML619. Autel ML629 is a brilliant OBDII diagnostic scanners that help you diagnose your car. It allows you to read and erase diagnostic trouble codes as well as clear Check Engine Light. You will also be able to perform special functions such as resetting Engine, ABS, Airbag (SRS), and Transmission warning lights.

autel ml629 reviews

MaxiLink ML629 Functions Review:

1. Autel ML629 resets SRS warning lights. But there is one major limitation of SRS warning lights. It can only tell you that there is a problem with the airbag system but does not specify the exact source of the problem. 

2. Autel ML629 to retrieve SRS Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs)

The most common faults that affect the airbag system include damaged airbag, blown-up fuse, or defective airbag sensors. Depending on the retrieved DTC, you can either replace the fuse or the sensors which can be costly. Even worse is when the airbag itself is damaged. Replacing the airbag and the sensors is pretty expensive. Once the repairs are made, you can use Autel Maxilink ML629 to reset the SRS lights.

You can check the trouble codes meaning from here:

3. Autel ML629 Diagnose Transmission problems

Transmission replacement or repairs are stressful, inconvenient, and expensive. However, you can stay one step ahead of transmission problems with Autel Maxilink ML629.

Although the transmission system is prone to wear and tear than most parts of your vehicles this scanner can help you to identify most of the problem in good time. Whenever you suspect that there is unusual behavior such as lack of response or leaking fluid, it is recommended that you scan your car immediately. 

Luckily, this scanner can retrieve diagnostic trouble codes for most transmission problems. You will get to know why your car is shaking, is getting stuck on the gear, or why it is dragging clutch. Often, when there is a problem with the transmission system the Check Engine Light comes on. You will be able to clear the Check Engine Light once the underlying issue has been resolved.

4. Autel ML629 Performs ABS functions

The best part about Autel Maxilink ML629 is that it will save you money and time as you can scan and clear the codes without taking your car to a mechanic.

If you find that your car is skidding when braking then there must be a problem with the ABS system. What’s the first thing that you should do?

To begin with, you should check your dashboard if the ABS light is on. This is because of the onboard computer stores a trouble code when it detects a problem.

Secondly, you should use Autel Maxilink ML629 to scan the ABS system. This scanner will retrieve the diagnostic trouble code stored on the onboard computer. You will notice that the most common problem that causes ABS light to stay on is the faulty wheel sensors. You should replace the faulty sensors and use the scanner to clear the ABS warning lights on the dashboard.

5. Autel ML629 Checks the Engine
Your car engine is a complicated component having dozens of parts working in unison. However, when one part fails to function properly it may compromise the performance of the engine. It may fail to effectively burn fuel or experience engine misfiring. Such engine problems are accompanied by Check Engine Light popping on the dashboard.

Don't worry, you can use Autel Maxilink ML629 to diagnose the engine. Once you have identified the fault you can fix it if you are a DIY or have it fixed by a mechanic. The scanner will also help you to know if the repairs are complete. Finally, you can use the scanner to turn off the Check Engine Light.

Autel ML629, AL629 & ML619 Comparison:

ml629 & al629 & ml619 comparison

Q&A on MaxiLINK ML629:

1. Does this scanner work on OBD1?

- No, It only works on 1996 and newer vehicles.

2. Does this have live data for ABS & SRS or just code reading and erasing for these two?

- Anything beyond the Engine is only read and clear codes. If you are looking for live data in all modules, you need a higher model like md806 pro.

3. Can this shut off the low tire pressure light?

- No, the ml629 can not help with the TPMS service.

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