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Learn About Online Coding, Online Programming and Offline Programming

Auto mechanics often purchase OBD2 diagnostic scanner tools to check, repair, and enhance the performance of their cars. Online programming, offline programming, and online coding functions are one of the features that measure the powerful performance of a scanner tool.

New to the online programming, offline programming and online coding features of car scanners? Here, we will tell you more professional knowledge.

Autel MK908II ECU Coding

What is online programming, offline programming and online coding?

Online programming refers to software updates and configurations directly on the vehicle through real-time communication with the vehicle's ECU. Online programming usually requires connecting a car scanner or diagnostic tool to the vehicle's OBDII interface and using specific software to communicate with the ECU. This allows data to be sent and received in real time for diagnostic, configuration and update operations.

Offline programming refers to software updates and configurations without directly communicating with the vehicle's ECU, or without the scanner being connected to the Internet. Typically, car manufacturers provide an offline programming tool that only works on certain blocks of the car.

Online coding refers to configuring or setting certain parameters of the vehicle online through a scanner or diagnostic tool. These parameters may include vehicle options, features or performance settings. Online coding can be achieved by sending corresponding commands to the ECU.

ECU Coding

It can be seen from the above that online programming, offline programming and online coding are all related to the software update and configuration of the vehicle electronic control unit (ECU).

The current Autel scanner only performs ECU online programming for Mercedes-Benz and BMW vehicles, and this is only available for more advanced scanner tools. Autel scanners have canceled the offline programming function, which is the configuration reading and writing or calibration function for some vehicles.

The ECU Coding function is temporarily not supported in the 808 series OBD2 tools. Please choose a suitable scanner for yourself.

It's also important to note that a specific car scanner's online programming, offline programming, and online encoding capabilities may vary based on model, manufacturer, and diagnostic tool. Before performing any software updates or configuration operations, please understand the scanner coverage and scanner function configuration in advance.

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