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Can The Autel XP400 PRO Programmer Work Alone?

The Autel MaxiProgrammer XP400 Pro is a powerful key programmer that can be used stand-alone on a computer or in conjunction with an Autel IM tablet to help automotive technicians program vehicle keys.

What is the Autel XP400 PRO programmer?

The Autel XP400 PRO Programmer is an advanced all-in-one key programmer that extends EEPROM functionality and provides access to additional components. It can be used alone to read Eeprom and ECU on PC, or it can be matched with Autel key programming tool to perform vehicle IMMO service and OE level diagnosis.

Autel XP400 Pro Using

What functions can the Autel XP400 Pro perform?

(1) Read the transponder data (including Mercedes-Benz infrared smart key) and generate an exclusive key.

(2) Read/write onboard EEPROM chip data, and read/write MCU/ECU chip data.

(3) Read and write remote control transponder data and detect key frequency.

(4) The XP400 Pro is compatible with a key programming diagnostic tablet or a computer with key programming software installed to quickly and accurately read and write transponder data.

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How does the Autel XP400 PRO programmer work alone?

The Autel XP400 PRO programmer can only be used alone to read Eeprom, ECU, Engine and other modules on the PC.

Autel users need to log in to the Autel official website first, log in to their account, enter PC Suite, click PC Programmer, and click Download.

After downloading and installing the PC programmer, Autel users can use the chip reading function on their PC.

Autel PC programmer

What should I do when the Autel XP400 PRO programmer does not work alone?

Method 1: Uninstall and reinstall PC Programmer.

Method 2: Remove the chip in the programmer before connecting to the computer, and then connect again after restarting the computer.

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