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Autel MaxiVideo MV108S vs. MV480 vs. MV460

Discover some great tools in the Autel Inspection Camera Video Borescope that are often used to inspect hard-to-reach areas hidden from view. Autel MaxiVideo series video endoscopes currently produced include MV105, MV105S, MV108, MV108S, MV160, MV400, MV460, MV480, MV500.

Here, we’ll compare three of the most popular videoscopes: Autel MaxiVideo MV108S vs. MV480 vs. MV460.

Autel MaxiVideo

MaxiVideo MV108s

MaxiVideo MV108s

MaxiVideo MV480

MaxiVideo MV480

MaxiVideo MV460

MaxiVideo MV460
High resolution and full color digital LCD display w/ Sacnner 4.1" (1200×720) 3.5'' (640 x 480)
Record and play back high resolution still images and videos w/ Sacnner (1920*1080) 1920 x 1080 1920 x 1080
Wireless monitor enables remote viewing -- -- --
Touchscreen for convenient operation -- -- --
Single button for quick photo and video recording w/ Sacnner
Add audio annotation for detail presentation -- --
On-screen photo editing and markup -- -- --
Dual cameras see straight ahead or at a 90° angle -- --
Digital zoom for detailed viewing --
View objects as close as 1" w/ Sacnner
BOn-screen horizontal/vertical reverse --
On-screen 90° clockwise rotation --
Built-in & adjustable LED illuminates viewing area
HDMI port for monitor view --
Mini USB connector for uploading images and videos --
Narrow probe diameter 8.5mm/5.5mm 8.5mm (5.5mm Optional) 8.5mm (5.5mm Optional)
Micro SD card --
Oil and scratch resistant tempered glass lens
Ergonomic and durable tool housing
Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery --
Multilingual support --
Water Resistant Camera head

The Autel MaxiVideo MV108S inspection camera can only be used with the Autel scanner tool, which expands the functionality of the scanner, while the MV480 and MV460 can be used independently, making it easier and more convenient to use.

Since the Autel MV108S needs to be used with the Autel tablet diagnostic scanner, the cable is longer and the viewing distance will be longer. This means that Autel MV108S is not only limited to inspecting vehicles for hidden dangers, but can also be used for inspections of home buildings, providing a safe and economical inspection method.

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