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Autel AP200 VS Autel AP2500E

Autel has newly launched the Autel AP2500/AP2500E Bluetooth mobile phone diagnostic scanner device. Compared with the old Autel AP200/AP200C smartphone vehicle diagnostic scanner, what are the upgrades and differences? Here, we compare these two app-based diagnostic and service tools.


Autel AP200

Autel AP200

Autel AP2500E

Autel AP2500E
Model Coverage More than 60 brands More than 60 brands
CAN FD protocol No Yes
Full OBDII functions Yes Yes
All system diagnostic Yes Yes
Oil reset Yes Yes
EPB reset Yes Yes
BMS reset Yes, Register Battery Replacement Yes, Register Battery Replacement and EV battery
SAS reset Yes Yes
TPMS reset Yes Yes
IMMO Service Yes Yes
DPF Regeneration Yes Yes
Auto VIN Yes Yes
DTC lookup Yes Yes
Multi-language 14 More than 14+
System Android & iOS Android & iOS
Communications Bluetooth 4.2 Dual Mode Bluetooth V5.0 +   BR/EDR/BLE
App MaxiAP200 MaxiDiag App
One free vehicle’s software with the initial purchase Yes Yes


Autel AP200 Vs The biggest difference between Autel AP2500/AP2500E is that AP2500E supports the latest CAN FD protocol of General Motors and others, while AP200 does not.

Autel AP200 Vs Another difference between Autel AP2500/AP2500E is that they use different applications, AP200 uses MaxiAP200 while AP2500E uses MaxiDiag application.

Their apps have different layouts.

Autel AP200 Vs Autel AP2500/AP2500E have the same points: all OBDII functions are available for free.

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