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Autel Drone Apps: Autel Sky App & Autel Explorer App

As a professional quadcopter leader, Autel drone is devoted to the R&D, production and manufacturing of drone technology. Currently, there are two series of consumer drones and enterprise drones, which are suitable for drone enthusiasts, professionals and specific commercial use.

Autel Consumer Drones for Autel Sky App

Autel consumer drones currently include EVO Nano series, EVO Lite series, and EVO II Pro drones. The Autel Sky App can only be used with EVO Nano series and EVO Lite series.

Introducing Autel Sky App

Built to accompany the EVO Nano and EVO Lite, the Autel Sky app enables beginners and veterans alike to get professional-level shots at the touch of a button with four automatic shooting modes. Make your shots even more unique using the app's time-lapse, panoramic, tracking, and portrait modes. Done shooting? Instantly upgrade your footage from impressive to unforgettable using the app's vast selection of ready-made video templates and soundtracks. From flying to shooting to editing, Autel Sky is a must-have companion for any videographer hoping to make an impact.

Autel Sky App Download

Autel Sky App Autel Sky App Apple Download Autel Sky App Android Download

Autel Enterprise Drones for Autel Explorer App

Autel enterprise drones include EVO II Dual 640T, EVO II RTK series, EVO II Enterprise series, EVO II series drones only support Autel Explorer App, including consumer drone EVO II Pro.

Introducing the Autel Explorer App

Unlock your drone's potential with the Autel Explorer App. With the app, you can easily control the EVO I, EVO II Pro, EVO II Dual, and EVO II Enterprise Series. Your mobile device will act as a central display (HD Live View) for aerial photography, cinematography, and flight parameter adjustments. Perform advanced autonomy features such as dynamic track, tripod track, parallel track, gesture control, precision flight, dual stability, and mission planning. (Some features are only available on the EVO II Series ).

Autel Explorer App Download

Autel Explorer App Autel Explorer App Apple Download Autel Explorer App Android Download
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