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Autel Battery Tester For Sale

Whether it is a traditional fuel vehicle, a hybrid vehicle, or a pure electric vehicle, it is particularly important to detect the health status of the battery. The battery of fuel vehicles is used as the starting energy, and the battery of electric vehicles is used as the driving energy. Regularly check and maintain the performance of the vehicle battery to ensure the reliability and safety of the vehicle is the first priority.

A car battery tester is a tool used to measure and evaluate the health of a vehicle's battery. It connects to and tests the vehicle battery, providing vital information about the battery's status and performance. The Autel Battery Tester list includes MaxiBAS BT609, MaxiBAS BT508, MaxiBAS BT608, MaxiBAS BT506, MaxiBAS BTAK, MaxiBAS BTMS.

Autel MaxiBAS BT609 Battery Tester & Electrical System Diagnostic Tool

Autel MaxiBAS BT609
The MaxiBAS BT609 Wireless Battery and Electrical System Analysis Tablet features a 7-inch Android touchscreen that quickly displays the health of existing batteries, registers new batteries, and performs advanced battery and electrical system diagnostics. AutoVIN identifies vehicle and battery information, can perform read/clear code maintenance services, Wi-Fi print or share custom reports.

Autel MaxiBAS BT608 Automotive Battery Load Tester

The Autel MaxiBAS BT608 BTAK includes a BT608 car battery tester and full Battery Tester Accessory Kit (BTAK) is a premium bundle for technicians to safely and easily troubleshoot vehicle battery & electrical systems and components.

Autel MaxiBAS BT508 Vehicle Battery Tester

Autel BT508 Battery Tester Autel MaxiBAS Automotive Cranking & Charging System Analyzer

The Autel BT508 battery tester is a powerful yet, lightweight battery and electrical system test tool that uses Adaptive Conductance, an advanced battery analysis method, to produce a more accurate examination of the battery’s cold cranking ability and reserve capacity, vital to determining a battery’s true health. Download the free and easy-to-use mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices, to use with the Autel BT508 to perform testing and display test results.

Autel MaxiBAS BT506 Battery Tester Expert

Autel BT506 car battery tester

Autel MaxiBAS BT506 is a battery and electrical system analysis tool. It uses the advanced battery analysis method of adaptive conductance to check the cold start capacity and reserve capacity of the battery more accurately, which is very important to determine the true health of the battery. MaxiBAS BT506 battery tester enables technicians to view the health status of vehicle batteries and electrical systems. Download the free easy-to-use battery test mobile app for IOS and Android devices. Together with the BT506 battery analyzer , the application can complete battery, startup and charging system tests and display test results. The Autel BT506 can also be used with the latest autel advanced models (such as MS906s, MS906 Pro, MS906 Pro-TS, Ms Elite II tablet) as a supplement to battery testing and alternator testing.

Autel MaxiBAS BTAK Battery Tester Accessories KitAutel MaxiBAS BTAK (Battery Tester Accessory Kit)

Autel’s Battery Tester Accessory Kit (BTAK) includes the DM100 Digital Multimeter 400A Current Clamp, Probes, and Leads. Used with Autel’s MaxiBAS BT608 and BT609 Battery Analysis tools, the BTAK enables technicians to safely and easily troubleshoot vehicle electrical systems and components. Includes Autel’s 400 Amp Current Clamp with an effective measurement range of 20mA to 400A AC/DC.

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