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Are Autel scanner updates free?

I believe many people will wonder which models of Autel scanner cost money to upgrade and which do not cost money.

Today, I will sort out the Autel scanner models that need to be upgraded with money, as well as the upgrade price comparison, so that everyone can clear up the problems about the Autel scanner upgrade.

Product Model OBDPRICE Update Price Market Update Price
Maxisys Ultra $1365 $1695 Shop Now
MS919 $1066 $1295 Shop Now
MS909 $1066 $1295 Shop Now
Maxisys Elite $998 $1295 Shop Now
Maxisys CV $998 $1295 Shop Now
MK908P $998 $1295 Shop Now
MK908 $739 $895 Shop Now
MS908P/ MS908S Pro $998 $1295 Shop Now
MS908/ MS908S $739 $895 Shop Now
MS906TS $640 $795 Shop Now
MK906BT $559 $695 Shop Now
MS906BT $559 $695 Shop Now
MK906 $395 $495 Shop Now
MS906 $395 $495 Shop Now
Maxisys Mini MS905 $560 $695 Shop Now
DS808TS $490 $599.5 Shop Now
DS808/ DS808K $290 $349.5 Shop Now
MP808TS $490 $599.5 Shop Now
MP808/ MP808K $290 $349.5 Shop Now
DS708 $150 $349.5 Shop Now
MK808TS $240 $295 Shop Now
MK808BT $125 $150 Shop Now
MK808 $100 $124.5 Shop Now
MX808TS $240 $295 Shop Now
MX808 $100 $124.5 Shop Now
IM608/IM600 $740 $895 Shop Now
IM508/IM100 $290 $349.5 Shop Now
TS608 $240 $295 Shop Now


As can be seen from the above list, the upgrade costs are all tablet Autel scanners.

Will Autel scanner stop working after subscription ends?

This is the question that everyone is most concerned about. In fact, stopping the update will only affect part of the functions of Autel scanner. What functions will be affected? Through the following video I think you will find the answer.

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