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2023 AUTEL IM608S II: Your Ultimate IMMO Key Programming Tool and Diagnostic Companion

The Autel MaxiIM IM608S II is this year's latest all-in-one OBD diagnostic tool that stands out for its superior key and immobilizer programming capabilities, comprehensive diagnostic features, functions and tests, and extensive service menu.

The IMMO function of IM608S II supports online and offline ECU programming, programming data to new IMMO modules, repairing IMMO ECU data loss, upgrading IMMO ECU software versions, etc.

The power of the AUTEL IM608S II scanner

In terms of IMMO key programming, the IM608S II is an upgraded version of the IM608/IM608PRO that can read the immobilizer code and code directly from the vehicle and store the information for key learning for newly programmed keys.

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In terms of scanner diagnosis and service, the Autel IM608S II has the same level of diagnostic capabilities as the MK908P II and MaxiSYS MS908S Pro II. It can access all electronic systems of the vehicle, perform OE-level diagnostics, read and clear DTCs, and display text, graphics, View real-time data in waveform or waveform form, retrieve ECU information, perform active testing of various systems, advanced ECU coding, and more.

Accessory availability for Autel IM608S II

The Autel IM608S II integrates key programming, diagnostics and service, supporting OBD key programming for 80% of vehicles on the road today. At the same time, the IM608S II scanner packaging list includes the XP400 Pro key programmer, JVCI+ ECU reprogrammer, and APB Key Programming Adapter Kit.

Autel IM608S II Scanner Accessories

The IM608S II scanner can also be combined with MV108, IMKPA, GBOX3, APB112 smart key fob emulator, etc. to provide more comprehensive automotive diagnostic services for higher-end vehicles.

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