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Autel MaxiCheck MX900 VS Autel MaxiPro MP900 Compare 2023

Autel MaxiCheck MX900 and Autel MaxiPro MP900 are the two most popular new OBDII diagnostic scanners in 2023, these two scanners are the biggest competitors in their category, let us explain Car Diagnostic Reader Scanner Autel MaxiCheck MP900 VS in this article Similarities and differences of the Autel MaxiPro MX900.

Comparison Chart

Model MaxiCheck MX900 MaxiPro MP900
Read Codes
Erase Codes
Live Data
ECU Information
Active Test
Service Functions √ 
Complete OBD Diagnositcs
Pre & Post Scan
Scan VIN
Camera -- Rear 8MP
ECU Coding --
Guided Function --
Tire Pressure Monitoring   System -- --
Immobilizer Function Basic Basic
Advanced TPMS Diagnostics for Complete TPMS Health Check -- --
Activate All Known TPMS   Sensors -- --
Program AUTEL MX-Sensors -- --
Comprehensive OBD relearn   coverage -- --
On-screen Relearn Procedure -- --
Battery Analysis -- --
Processor Quad-core 1.8GHz Quad-core 1.8GHz
Operating System Android 11 Android 11
Memory 4G + 64G 4G + 64G
Display 8" LCD 8" LCD
Battery 7700mAh 7700mAh
Internet Updatable Wi-Fi Wi-Fi
Multilingual Support
Historical Test Records
Save and Playback Data
Wi-Fi Print 
Vehicle communication method Wired Wired

Autel MP900 and Autel MX900 are generally similar in terms of hardware configuration, functions and services, but the MP900 scanner can support more vehicle brands and models in the market and provide more comprehensive vehicle maintenance services.

Currently, the Autel MP900 series introduces three scanners: Autel MP900, Autel MP900BT, Autel MP900TS. All three scanners are on pre-order, email us for an up-to-date quote.

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