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Autel MP900 Series Description: MP900 & MP900BT & MP900TS

Autel MP900 series is the latest entry-level diagnostic scanner, its function is between MP808 series and MS906, three new products subvert the imagination.

What's the Autel MP900 series?

MP900 series has the same CPU processor, 8-inch large screen, 7700mAh high-capacity battery, supports All System Diagnostic, added 8MP rear camera for scanning VIN/License, also added Pre & Post Scan, DoIP/CAN FD Agreement, which can be better used for vehicle maintenance services.

In the Autel MP900 series, MP900 adopts wired connection, MP900BT and MP900TS adopt Bluetooth connection, both support WiFi technology and USB interface, and the memory can be extended to 64GB. Since the MP900 does not use Bluetooth connection technology, it cannot be used with the BT506 battery analysis tester to detect car battery faults.

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What‘s the MP900 & MP900BT & MP900TS?

MP900: 2023 Multi-Language Autel MaxiPRO MP900 All System Diagnostic Scanner is the Upgraded version of MP808S, with Android 11 system, 7700mAh battery, it supports 40 Service, new added Pre & Post scan, DoIP & CAN FD Protocol and Scan VIN & Scan License.

MP900BT: 2023 Newest Advanced ECU Coding Wireless Bluetooth Full All System Diagnostic Scanner is the Upgraded version of MP808BT Pro, DoIP & CAN FD Protocol , with 40+ Service

MP900TS: 2023 Newly Released, ECU Coding, Full TPMS Functions, All System Diagnostic, Pre & Post Scan, DoIP CAN FD Protocols Supported, Upgraded Ver. Of MP808S-TS.

Latest price of Autel MP900 series

How much is the price of Autel MP900?

The starting price of the MP900 at the Obdprice store is $939.

How much is the price of Autel MP900BT?

The starting price of the MP900BT at the Obdprice store is $1,099.

How much is the price of Autel MP900TS?

The starting price of the MP900TS at the Obdprice store is $1,269.


MP900 series is a professional diagnostic platform. Compared with MP808 series, the hard-core performance has been greatly improved, and the rear camera brings more intelligent and convenient operation. Autel MP900 series supports Pre-Scan/Post-Scan and battery pack inspection reports, uploaded to the cloud, and can be shared in various forms.

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