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Autel’s TS900 TPMS Tool User Reviews

Autel brings a new TPMS tool: Autel TS900 scanner. The MaxiTPMS TS900 is an 8-inch 3-in-1 TPMS, diagnostic, service, wireless touchscreen tablet. The most powerful TPMS service diagnostic tool in 2024, let us see its performance.

Autel TS900 TPMS Tools Relearn

Autel TS900 Scanner Tool

The MaxiTPMS TS900 scanner is a wireless Bluetooth VCMI connected tablet. By plugging in the VCMI, you can find the make, model, and year of the vehicle. If VCMI recognition is unsuccessful, you can manually enter vehicle information.

During the automatic re-learning process of the TS900 scanner, please follow the on-screen learning process guide to put the vehicle into automatic re-learning mode and then drive again to re-learn the position of the tires.

The OBD Relearn feature allows the TS900 tablet to write the TPMS sensor ID directly to the TPMS module.

Stationary Relearn can be completed without relying on driving and OBD diagnostics. To activate this mode, you usually need to perform a series of operations to put the vehicle into re-learning mode, and then use the TPMS tool to activate or deflate to complete the re-learning.

Autel TS900 TPMS Tool TPMS Diagnostics

Autel TS900 provides basic full system diagnostics and TPMS diagnostics. The diagnostic button automatically performs a test to retrieve DTCs and vehicle sensor identification numbers from the TPMS module. The next button at the top of the screen is labeled "Programming" and gives you several ways to program the sensors and vehicle. The first method is to duplicate the sensor using an OBDII connection. The TS900 can read the sensor's ID from the TPMS control module even if the sensor is no longer transmitting.

The tool can then program the new sensor using the old sensor ID number. The second option is to create a new sensor ID for the vehicle and program it. The TS900 harnesses the power of Autel MX sensors. The MX Sensor is a programmable universal TPMS sensor that covers the 315MHz and 433MHz frequency ranges with just one sensor. The MX-Sensor also has a Bluetooth version of the sensor for Tesla vehicles.

Autel TS900 TPMS Tool Oil Change

The TS900 scanner can reset the oil life monitor or turn off maintenance-required indicators. On these rear brakes, the TS900 is able to retract the pistons into the rear calipers. The software offers nearly 40 service and maintenance tasks. The technician simply drives the vehicle autonomously, selects the service task from the service menu and goes directly to the required function without having to bypass the control unit system to find the service function.


The TS900 Service Tool is a full-featured scanning tool, it’s time to update your TPMS tools! The Autel TS900 scanner also provides pre-scan and post-scan reports. Reports can be shared via Wi-Fi or printed. Cheers for another great new product from Autel!

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