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BMW/Benz Online Programming: Everything You Need To Know

As car owners are increasingly interested in BMW/Benz code reader OBD devices and want to know more about what BMW/Benz vehicle diagnostic scanners can be used for? Here, we will correctly introduce the functions and uses of the BMW/Benz OBD2 code reader scanner.

As a high-end car series, BMW/Benz have high maintenance costs. Using the BMW/Benz OBD2 scanner, car owners can better understand their vehicle information, improve safety awareness, self-scan, diagnose and solve problems, saving the cost of going to the workshop and paying the corresponding scanning fees.

The simple OBD2 scanner can access the system on the BMW by connecting to the OBD2 interface on the vehicle, reading and analyzing errors to understand the fault, and for advanced scanner equipment, the BMW/Benz can be coded and programmed online.

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BMW and Benz ECU online programming refers to remotely accessing a car's electronic control unit (ECU) and programming, configuring or updating it through diagnostic tools and an Internet connection. When using the Advanced Scanner for BMW/Benz Online Programming, the existing software/firmware in the ECU will be replaced to program the new ECU for Benz and BMW to reprogram the adaptive data.

BMW/Benz Online ECU Programming

ECU coding specifically is the option to redesign certain aspects of your BMW/Benz to your liking.

The advantages of BMW/Benz online programming are:

  • Fix software controls
  • Improve fuel efficiency
  • Reduce power loss
  • Enhanced durability

What scanner can I use for BMW/Benz Online Programming?

Autel scanners have multiple series of scanners with different functional specifications, which can cover 99% of vehicles. If you want to program BMW/Benz ECU online, you need to use MS908 Pro/MK908P Scanner or above model to operate.

Autel scanner for BMW/Benz ECU programming

Autel MS908 Pro, Autel MS908S Pro, Autel MS908S Pro II, Autel MK908P, Autel MK908 Pro II, Autel Elite, Autel Elite II, Autel Elite II Pro, MS909, MS919, Ultra, Ultra Lite, Ultra Lite S.

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Remember, every vehicle has different software and modules built into it. Therefore, the specific features of each model will vary. When you use the ECU programming function, please back up your scanner software in advance, and only start doing so after mastering a certain amount of vehicle knowledge.

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