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Autel Scanner Black Friday 2023 Sale - Up to $50% Off

Dear Customer:

When the shopping season comes, Black Friday discounts are unstoppable! Thank you for your continued trust and support in our company. In order to give back to our customers, we have launched a series of super discounts during the upcoming Black Friday shopping season, hoping to provide you with better products and services.

Autel Scanner & Tool Black Friday Sale 2023

Our Black Friday discount promotion will officially start this Friday, at which time you can find the latest discount information and product list on the Obdprice website. We have great deals on some classic scanners, as well as new Autel scanners, check them all out here!

Modle Black Friday Sale Price Original Price Buy on Amazon
MX808S-TS $550 $599 $699
MK808BT Pro $436 $469 $549
MP808S Kit $590 $639 $749
MP808BT Pro $599 $649 $749
DS808S-BT Kit $636 $699 $799
MX900 $446 $505 $559
MP900 $758 $939 $949
MP900-BT $876 $1099 $1099
MP900-TS $1010 $1269 $1269
DS900 $799 $949 $949
DS900-BT $820 $1099 $1269
DS900-TS $1010 $1269 $1269
MS906 Pro-TS $1330 $1439 $1669
MK908 II $1250 $1288 $1569
Ultra Lite S $2600 $2859 $3269
MS909EV $3099 $3499 $3999
MS919 $3099 $3199 $3999
MS909 $2600 $2899 $3259
IM608S II $2680 $2788 $3350
IM608S II Full Kit $2899 $3199 $3599
TS508WF $223 $272 $279

In this special shopping season, we look forward to sharing the fun and joy of shopping with you. If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to contact our customer service staff, we will be happy to serve you.


Sincerely Team

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