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Autel EV Kit Adds DC Converter OUT-OF-VEHICLE Testing

Autel has launched an incredible software update for your EV diagnostic tablet, DC/DC converter testing now supports off-vehicle testing!

What is a DC/DC converter?

A DC/DC converter is an electronic device commonly used to convert one direct current voltage (DC) to another direct current voltage.

What is the purpose of a DC/DC converter?

DC/DC converters play a vital role in regulating the voltage levels that power devices such as headlights, wipers, window motors, fans, and more.

Automotive mechanics perform off-vehicle testing of DC/DC converters before installing a new or repaired DC/DC converter. Autel can provide you with vehicle support for BYD, BAIC New Energy, Changan, Geely, Nissan and Roewe.

How do you perform off-vehicle testing of a DC/DC converter?

If your DC/DC converter isn't cooperating in your car, our test run feature can nudge it in the right direction.

Autel MAXISYS ULTRA EV, MS909EV, MSULTRA, MS919 and MS909 tablets can provide support for electric vehicles, which means that for tablets matching the EV diagnostic upgrade kit, you can perform off-vehicle testing of DC/DC converters.

All you have to do is upgrade your diagnostic tablet to experience the future of electric vehicle repair.

Please note that software updates require an Autel subscriber, please make sure your subscription is valid during the period.

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