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Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) Diagnostics

The full name of particulate filter is Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). A particulate filter is a filter that can be installed on a diesel engine to prevent harmful particulate emissions. Gasoline cars produced in 2018 must also be equipped with a gasoline particulate filter (GPF), or also known as an Otto particulate filter (OPF).

The particulate filter is clogged, what should I do?

When the particulate filter is severely clogged with soot particles, the particulate filter indicator light on the instrument panel will illuminate.

The most common causes of the particulate filter light on the dashboard coming on:

  • Driving too many short distances
  • Defective fuel injector, incorrect diesel injection, poor ignition
  • Internally damaged particle filter

A clogged particle filter will (possibly) cause the following:

  • Fault light on the dashboard
  • The car smells bad when driving
  • Oil level rises
  • Car gets stuck or bumps
  • Lack of motivation
  • Heavy, buzzing sound
  • Too much soot/smoke

Continue to drive with a clogged particulate filter?

It is absolutely not recommended to continue driving with a complete particulate filter. The car will no longer be able to run properly, and the sensors in the car will register this and then start indicating error codes, or worse; go into emergency mode.

Particle filter diagnostics

Proper diagnosis can avoid costly medical expenses. If diagnostics indicate a bad sensor, it can usually be replaced. If the filter fill level is too high, forced regeneration can be initiated using appropriate diagnostic equipment.

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